Candles Online

6p.m. : Sanket logout from his system and sent a WhatsApp message to Priya…

Sanket: Hi… How are you?

Priya: Yes…I’m fine. How about you?

Sanket: Just logout. When will you logout?

Priya: In 15min.

Sanket: Okay. Let’s have coffee and then I will drop you at your place!

Priya: Okay. Coming to next building CCD in 20 minutes

Sanket: Okay Ma’am. Waiting for you


Sanket: (with big smile on his face) Hey dear… How was your day?

Priya: (with a bit of reluctant smile) Hmm… as usual. Nothing new. How about yours?

Waiter: Hello Good evening Ma’am, good evening Sir! Your order please?

Sanket: Priya, what would you prefer?

Priya: One Cold Coffee!

Sanket: One Cold Coffee for Ma’am and One Cappuccino for me

Waiter: Thank you Sir. (He walked off) 

Sanket: I am doing good but what’s the matter with you… How’s life going on?


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