Asking FORGIVENESS – a BIG struggle!

5th April 2017 evening was a horrible night of my life. Everything was going well. I had just entered my apartment campus; I saw my neighbor sitting inside his SUV and like every other time his facial expression was quite irritating. Without any reaction, I simply passed by and took the elevator to my flat. … Continue reading Asking FORGIVENESS – a BIG struggle!



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There are pills and balms to apply on the pain in our body but what about the pain of our heart?

How many times have you cried bitterly and literally, there is no one out there to wipe your tears or to ask you “what happened?”

Whether you are on a crowded street or in a crowded bus but there is no one out there to ask you “why there is no smile on your face today?”

Almost after a fatigued long day, you reached home, unlocked your flat and in the darkness of the room with head to toe full of pain you sat for hours together, desperately wishing there would be someone to offer you a glass of water but alas even after an hour you had to limp to the kitchen just to have a glass of water.

It might look filmy to…

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I come to the world with empty hands,

I will leave this world with those same empty hands.

In the course of my life I earned many accolades,

But I’m sure my death will make them void.

If this is the truth and this is the song,

What should be worthwhile to earn?

Whether it is Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Alexander the Great or Dhirubhai Ambani, the Absolute truth for every human being is “Physical Death” and at that finishing line each of us have to leave our hard earned accolades and affluences. This absolute truth squares us with one question – “What is that on earth which will stay with my name even after my death?”

One of my faculties in a leadership seminar told me – “Avinash, whatever you do whether you are aware or not, someone on earth is following your legacy!”

That’s true! Each of our…

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Will it not be an injustice to blame a mere gadget?

We, 90’s born has experiences in both post – ‘Smartphone culture’ and ‘Pre-Smartphone culture’. None of us can deny the contributions of the Smartphones in our lives. There are numerous evidences of how our Smartphones had made our works easier and effective and on-time as well.

One of the scariest nights of my life was a night in October 2015. I was on a full-week official trip to some of the remote places of Odisha and all of my assigned places and contacts were completely stranger to me. The only option for me was WhatsApp or SMS to my new contacts when I arrive. It was 2 O’ clock in the midnight I got down from the bus in the midst of a jungle. I tried to call my contact to pick me but there was no network. It…

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We dislike the word “LOSS” but without LOSS there is no meaning!

At High school, I lost my primary school friends…

At College, I lost my school friends…

At University, I lost my college friends…

At my First workplace, I lost my university friends…

At my Second workplace, I lost my first workplace friends…

When “LOSS” becomes the story of every dusk, the journey of life goes jammed. Life seems burdensome and death seems the best place to bask. 

Is this life all about How can I replace my loss? Why this is supposed to be my story? Is it my life or just a matter of game?

In my early 20s, my life was juggled with these questions. I was unable to understand the loss and anguish I was going through and it was almost impossible for me to find the right person to explain me the “WHYs’ in…

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Oh…My beloved Tear!

You were there when I opened my eyes,

You will be there when I will close my eyes.

People came and went by,

But you my beloved always stood by.

In my utmost happiness, you were there,

When my heart ached, you were there.

Hands changed that wiped you from my face,

Yet visibly or invisibly you stayed in every phase.

No, matter what people think about me seeing you on my face,

Being my true beloved companion you have always strengthened my race.

One of the amazing things of our life is – “We learn everything that we do except shedding tears.

On my first birthday, everyone welcomed me with open arms, smiling face and joyful heart but I had no idea what was happening around me except crying, feeling the pain and communicating it through my tears! Till my 1st and 2nd birthday everything…

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Last year, at the funeral service of one of my uncle there was a bit familiar face among many unknown faces. After a couple of minute of struggling, I was finally able to make it, that’s one of my Facebook friends. I thought let me go and greet him but then again I thought, “Why should I go? Let him come to me!” A while later the service gets over yet I am in my world and he in his! Similarly, another day I was in a conference, and my Uncle introduced me to a man of his age. We smiled at each other, shook hands like two strangers meeting for the first time. Whereas by then we were celebrating our 3rd friendsversary on Facebook and giving regular thumbs up on our posts yet we were strangers! 

The boon of social media has bridged the gap in connectivity…

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Have you ever felt like you are alone in the midst of a great crowd!

It seems like no one understands what’s going on inside you!

You feel broken and shattered yet unable to interpret the cries of your heart!

The irresistible pain in body and heart is getting heavier all the time!

The only question that punches you – “Why”…

That’s the picture I will draw for “being emotionally drained”.

I was doing all my works, didn’t take a day leave from office, killed headaches and weakness with balms and glucose, smiled just to hide some pain, tried to stay aloof, pretended everyone ‘I am okay’, juggled around the unanswerable “why” but How Long?

Being regularly hoarded for a month in such malady, all that I did is wound me and others as well, the passion of work was paused and creativity was lost in the dreadful shouts of…

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‘Evil always comes in its best outfit!’

In grade – V, I joined a new school and being a shy introvert kid, it took me quite a month to make new friends. In that one month, I always hesitated to mingle with my classmates. During the recreation periods, I never left my schoolbag and classroom bench and every day as I enter the classroom the only thing was in my mind – “when the last bell will ring!” While struggling for my survival in the new group, I always observed one thing that, whenever there is a fight among any of my classmates. The guy who wins the fight is the one who uses some kind of sign language with some powerful words. And my innocent mind instructed, “I must learn these words for my survival in this group” and behold on the last day of school I was well…

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Last week one day, I took the bus for my office, plugged-in my earphone and started enjoying some of my favorite lectures on YouTube. I was so much indulged watching those talks that I forgot to get down at the connecting point to catch another bus. After 5/7 minutes as I peeped-out of the window I found myself at a different location and immediately I blamed the conductor for not telling me that the bus will not go to my destination. As soon as I got down from the bus I was struck by a question – “Is that right, what I did? If I would have paid attention I wouldn’t have to land at wrong place”.

I became a Butterfly when I got out of the Cocoon…

There are always some cocoons exist in our life and to find them out let’s flashback to the beginning of the ‘Blame…

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Life finds Hope…

Once I asked God, Why there is so much of problem in my life? He just smiled and kept quite... I saw a man of my age, Climbing bus steps in crutches. God smiled and asked, "Is your problem greatest?" I saw an innocent boy lean and thin, Selling candies in local bus from his … Continue reading Life finds Hope…